Anatomic Pathology

From specialized screening and digital imaging to professional interpretation and consultation, Solstas Lab Partners' uniqueness lies in our expertise in anatomic pathology equipped with the most advanced diagnostic technologies coupled with our commitment to customer care and service excellence. We provide a complete spectrum of state-of-the-art surgical pathologyservices to physicians, medical groups, hospitals, laboratories and surgery centers. Our evaluation and diagnosis of disease and disease processes is performed by board certified pathologists with numerous sub-specialties.

Our on-site, extensive immunohistochemistry (IHC) and special stain libraries aid in the prompt delivery of definitive diagnoses. Rapid turnaround time (24-48 hours), digital imaging, and personal pathologist-to-physician relationships set Solstas apart. Solstas Lab Partners offers numerous support services such as postmortem examinations, on-site tumor conferences, continuing education luncheons, FNA clinics and consultative reviews.   
Solstas Lab Partners offers board certified pathologists with expertise in breast pathology including the early diagnosis and treatment. We have extensive experience interpreting surgical pathology specimens and fine needle aspirations of cases ranging from early borderline disease to the most advanced stage cancer including:
Our cytopathology laboratory offers routine screening and diagnostic cytopathology services, including gynecologic and non-gynecologic specimens. Additional studies can be performed on non-gynecological specimens including flow cytometry, cytogenetics and immunohistochemical stains. The cytopathology department offers the most advanced technologies in pap testing, the ThinPrep® Pap test with imaging and the BD SurePath® liquid-based Pap test, and numerous out-of-vial testing options.
Dermatopathology concerns diagnosis and monitoring of diseases of the skin, including infectious, immunologic, degenerative and neoplastic diseases. Sosltas Lab Partners has four board certified dermatopathologists on staff and we offer specialized IHC stains such as Mart-1 and S-100.
Our three GI fellowship trained pathologists and five GI pathologists diagnose gastrointestinal and liver diseases in both adult and pediatric patients including in our gastrointestinal pathology division. We offer specialized reports, specialized requisitions, and STAT TAT services. Routine special stains are performed on gastric and esophageal biopsies. These stains are prepared immediately and reviewed with the H&E stained sections, allowing the entire case to be signed out within 24 hours of the biopsy being taken.
Solstas Lab Partners' hematopathology laboratory offers surgical diagnosis and immunophenotypic testing on a multitude of specimens to diagnosis and monitor leukemia, lymphoma, and MDS. After a preliminary morphology review by the pathologist, appropriate panels are selected and analyzed to determine if any abnormal population exists. Morphology is always correlated to flow immunophenotyping results by the pathologist. Recommendations are made based on morphology and flow cytometry results for additional cytogenetic and FISH testing. In addition to the morphology and flow, the surgical tissue is also correlated by the same pathologist and included on the report.
Solstas Lab Partners offers board certified  pediatric pathologists with expertise in the diagnosis and characterization of neoplastic and non-neoplastic diseases of children including Hirschsprung's disease, "small round cell" tumors, congenital malformations including cardiac and other systems, and placental pathology.
Solstas Lab Partners has a dedicated staff consisting of both board certified pathologists and laboratory staff that take a specialized approach in the area of urologic pathology area. Specific protocols enable us to make the most of the small amounts of tissue usually available. These protocols make it possible for us to include immunohistochemical testing (including p63, HMW and P504S).We offer experienced pathologists in genitourinary diseases including diagnoses of the following:


•   Prostate cancer

•   Kidney disease

•   Cancer of the bladder

•   Specialty biopsy services and other urologic conditions