IT Services

Creating customized Information Technology solutions that optimize accessibility, flexibility, and connectivity - this is the philosophy that drives SolstasKinect, our IT department at Solstas Lab Partners.

To build a connectivity plan that is uniquely yours, our team of seasoned experts begin with an in-depth analysis of your existing systems and office workflow. Then we offer you flexible solutions tailored to ensure your practice can access and remain connected to critical systems that provide the information needed to give your patients the best care.

Our approach to IT circles back to our core concept of customer care, to supply the necessary support that will allow our clients to succeed. Our IT department is made up of over 150 professionals, many with over 20+ years of experience in the information industry. Their knowledge and experience gives us the ability to build a host of personalized IT solutions, ranging from the most basic connectivity (allowing for the placement of lab orders and retrieval of results via our client product, LabKinect) to the assembly of a full-scale information network and bi-directional interface, all designed around your particular needs.

We also operate within an open connectivity environment, using an industry-standard interface engine that deploys connectivity between all systems. Plus, we have established relationships with a number of key IT providers, allowing access to a multitude of applications and systems with broader capabilities (e.g. clients can connect to diverse areas such as labs, radiology, and pharmacy). As a result, we have the ability to deliver your information in the way you need it, when and where you need it. 

That's connectivity in motion. That's SolstasKinect.