Solstas Lab Partners has purchased Hayes Clinical Laboratory of Boynton Beach, Florida, effective December 1, 2011. The acquisition extends the Solstas service network deeper into the South, complementing its recent purchase of Oracle Clinical Laboratories of Davie, Florida.

"Hayes has done a wonderful job of carving out a niche in the challenging South Florida market since its founding in 1999," said Solstas CEO David Weavil. "Most importantly, the Hayes family has been focused on creating value-added physician services and forging strong client relationships - in lock-step with our core mantra at Solstas. It is acquisitions like these that make perfect sense for our growing lab company."

Hayes has a strong orientation toward the clinical biochemistry and microbiology testing areas, and will bring those talents to Solstas' expanding network of community-centered labs. Since June, Solstas has added six regional lab facilities to its network, extended its geographic presence south and west, and acquired some of the finest laboratory testing talent in the industry.