Compliance & Licenses

The Code of Conduct (the Code) is an important part of Solstas Lab Partners' overall compliance program. The Code cannot cover every issue or situation, but it does set forth the basic policies that should be used to guide employees with their business conduct and decision-making.

The Code is not intended to replace other Company or departmental policies and procedures. All employees must comply with the applicable Company and departmental policies and procedures as well as the guidelines set forth in the Code.

According to the Solstas Lab Partners Code of Conduct:

Every employee has the responsibility to:

  • Act in accordance with all laws, regulations and guidelines governing a clinical laboratory in today's healthcare environment.
  • Learn the details of all policies and standards. You should have a basic understanding of the policies, expected performance, and the issues covered by the policies.
  • Know the laws, rules and regulations that apply to your job.
  • Seek help from your supervisor, manager, director, Human Resources, or the Compliance Department when you have questions about the application of policies.
  • Keep patient and Solstas Lab Partners information confidential in accordance with applicable legal and ethical standards.
  • Promptly report possible violations of the law.
  • Promptly report situations that appear to violate the Code of Conduct or any company policy or standards.
  • Report immediately any requests of you to violate the law, company policy or standards.
  • Not accept or offer money or valuable gifts in exchange for the receipt or promise of services or goods.
  • Cooperate completely with internal investigations into concerns of possible violations as well as audits.

All employees are prohibited from retaliating against anyone who, in good faith, reports any possible violations or assists in any investigation of such possible violations.

The Solstas Lab Partners Compliance Program

The Compliance Program is a guide on how to abide by all laws, regulations, policies and guidelines that apply to conducting Company business. The Compliance Program is also designed to help prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse within the Company. It is Solstas Lab Partners' policy to provide information to all employees, contractors, and agents about federal and state False Claims laws, remedies available under those laws, and about whistleblower protection available to anyone who claims a violation of any federal or state False Claims laws. It is also Solstas Lab Partners' policy to advise our employees, contractors, and agents of the steps Solstas Lab Partners has in place to prevent and detect health care fraud, abuse and waste.

For licenses and certificates not available on this page, please contact us.